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September 28 2011

Somewhere over Western Kansas, FL370, .79 Mach

We were heading east over Kansas, somewhere near Liberal (LBL VORTAC) at Flight Level 370, on our way to Dulles when I shot this.   The effect of the darkening sky ahead, the cloud deck below and the full moon made for a beautiful night sky.  This view didn’t last very long, by the time we got over Missouri it was gone.  I quickly grabbed  my camera and placed it up on the glare shield supported by my bean-bag mount, The Pod   and fired away.  The ride was smooth, no turbulence or chop to speak of so shooting at 1/15th of a second wasn’t a factor.  I shot about 10 frames before the light changed enough to make the scene to dark and unusable.

I love the simplicity of this shot, it’s very peaceful and calming.  To me, it seems as if  heaven might be on the other side.


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September 18 2011

Taxiway Lights

Taxiway edge lights sit about 12 inches off the ground and are no more than 10 feet outward from the edge of the full strength pavement. In other words, to get this shot you need to lay down in the grass or dirt and, as luck would have it, it was wet.   This was truly one of those sunsets that made me stop and look, it was perfect, so wet or not, I couldn’t let this one go.

I had gotten permission from the tower chief and airport manager to shoot some pictures from the infield grass earlier in the day.  I had seen this sunset coming about an hour before it occurred and I wanted to get a good shot of an aircraft silhouette using this as the background.  But when I got into position the airfield was dead quiet, nothing was moving, not even the birds.  Just as the sun disappeared below the horizon and I was about to “call it”  the runway and taxiway lights came on.  I noticed the blue against the orange background and thought this would make a better shot than any ordinary silhouette I originally set out to get.  As it turned out, it wasn’t such a bad idea.  You never know what might happen when your original plan goes all to hell.

Never put the camera away, you just never know when the “moment” might happen.

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September 7 2011

First Post

I have never written a blog before, I have never even commented on one, so this is a big step for me. Everyone I know loves airplanes, but I guess that’s to be expected, since I spend most of my day surrounded by them.  All my friends are pilots or mechanics, fight attendants, dispatchers and so on; my world is surrounded by the anything and everything aviation.

I started this blog because someone once told me “shoot what you know” so here it is, the airplanes and the people who fly’em and fix’em.  I am blessed to have unique access to all different types of airplanes that most people don’t, so with that in mind, I thought I would share with anyone and everyone who was interested.

This is one of my favorites; a four ship of C-130J’s over the coast of Southern California. This is the latest and greatest the Air Force has to offer in the world of Tactical Airlift. It is an amazing airplane, carries more cargo, goes faster and is more efficient than its predecessors.

Nikon D700 / ISO400 / f10 / 1/320th